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Within in its real estate practice, Western Wake Law Group offers real estate legal services to meet each client's needs and is knowledgeable in handling both transaction and litigation real estate matters. Among other things, this includes residential and commercial real estate closings for both purchase, refinance and equity lines of credit transactions. Whether you are listing your home for sale, a first time home buyer, or upgrading to a second home purchase or purchasing beach property or other investment property, our experienced staff will assist you throughout the process, from the initial title search and certification and property survey process to the signing of the appropriate legal documents at the closing table.
Western Wake Law Group maintains a 24 to 48 hour turnaround time on most title search and certification work. We also have a close working relationship with all major title insurance companies, which allows us to provide you and your lender with title commitments (and revisions if needed) and final title policies quickly and efficiently.
Western Wake Law Group takes pride in our flexibility when it comes to meeting client needs. When your schedule requires it, we will conduct real estate closings in the evenings or on weekends, in our office, the client's workplace, or in their home. We are also available on short notice, scheduling closings as little as 24 to 48 hours in advance in some cases.
Western Wake Law Group looks forward to the opportunity to be of service and earn your business should you need legal representation. For all your real estate legal needs, count on Western Wake Law Group to provide sound advice and exceptional service.
Feel free to download forms and informational packets relating to our Real Estate legal services on our Forms page.
Estate planning is the process by which an individual or family arranges the transfer of assets to intended beneficiaries. An estate plan aims to preserve the maximum amount of wealth possible for the intended beneficiaries and flexibility for the individual prior to death. A major concern for drafters of estate plans is federal and state tax laws. Wills and trusts are common estate planning tools in which individuals may dispose of their wealth.
Let's face it though - creating a will, let alone pondering one's own mortality, ranks right up there with getting a root canal. In fact, recent polls show that more than 70% of adults do not have a will. Are you in this group? If so, let's talk about the basics.
A will is a legal document that directs how your assets are distributed when you are no longer here. The author of a will may be any person of sound mind who is 18 years of age or older and who is free from improper influence. In addition to identifying beneficiaries and their devisees, a properly drafted will should provide for the appointment of an executor (one who will be charged with administering your estate), a trustee (one who administers any trust established by your will) and a guardian (one who will care for any minor child(ren) you want to be cared for after your death). Therefore, for a will to be enforceable the above and other specific statutory requirements must be met. Read more about estate planning here.
While it is tempting, do not procrastinate a day longer. Calling Western Wake Law Group will put you in touch with an established and professional attorney and staff that will assist you in creating a will, among other estate planning documents. You'll feel more secure knowing you have a solid estate plan in place to help take care of your loved ones when you are no longer here.
Let Western Wake Law Group draft your will. For additional information on having us draft your own Wills & Trusts, Powers of Attorney (Durable and Health Care) and Living Wills please click on our Forms page, and then click on Estate Planning Forms to get started. You will want to place your cursor over the form entitled, “Estate Planning Questionnaire”. The Questionnaire is a fillable form so once you complete typing the necessary information on it, just save and return it to us via e-mail or e-fax. Alternatively, you may contact us by clicking on our Contact Western Wake Law Group link or by simply calling us at 919.677.9900.
Western Wake Law Group offers experienced, knowledgeable, compassionate and relentless representation to those under criminal investigation or charged with crimes in and around Wake County, North Carolina. Whether you are being investigated or are already charged with a crime, you are undoubtedly experiencing one of the most stressful events in your life. The attorneys at Western Wake Law Group understand this, and it is our job to protect you or your loved one(s) from undue stress by educating you as to the criminal court process and protecting your Constitutional rights. Everyone facing criminal prosecution, whether it be for a serious felony or a minor misdemeanor or traffic offense, is subject to penalties, fines and public embarrassment that can greatly affect your job, your family, and your overall quality of life and liberty. We offer cost-effective, aggressive, and extremely experienced representation.
If you believe you or a loved one is under investigation or have already been contacted by a law enforcement officer or agency, please contact us immediately before you make another move. Western Wake Law Group’s attorneys have extensive experience in insulating clients facing investigation. If you have already spoken to an investigator, do not make another statement until you have consulted an attorney. While it is sometimes in your best interest to speak and cooperate with law enforcement, it is best to weigh the costs and benefits of doing so prior to making a decision on how to proceed. We can help you do that.
If you or a loved one has already been arrested or is facing criminal prosecution already underway, contact us immediately. We will help develop a defense for trial or when appropriate negotiate a plea bargain that suits you. The criminal defense division of Western Wake Law Group has extensive experience representing clients at both the District and Superior Court level.
We regularly assist clients charged with a myriad of misdemeanor and felony offenses, including but not limited to: drug (simple possession, possession with intent to sell and deliver, and trafficking marijuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD, controlled substances without a prescription) and alcohol offenses (possessing alcohol underage, selling/giving alcohol to an underage person), driving while impaired (DUI, DWI, Driving While Intoxicated, Drunk Driving), assaults and threats, burglary, breaking and entering, larceny, embezzlement, possession of stolen goods, sex offenses, fraud (obtaining property by false pretenses, worthless checks, and forgery), and motor vehicle offenses (speeding, Driving While License Revoked, reckless driving, stop sign and stoplight violations, and general traffic offenses).
Fortunately, in this country all criminal defendants are afforded certain Constitutional and statutory protections. Whether you are innocent or believe you may be guilty, these protections apply to you. Let us help you enforce your rights and insulate you from unnecessary harm.
We offer free initial consultations. Do not hesitate. Contact us today so that we can fight for you.
To learn more about our criminal defense practice, please visit James K. Jackson's personal page and blog. This website has much more information to help you make the best decision on how and why to hire an attorney who best fits your needs.
Western Wake Law Group selectively works with clients who have suffered wrongs due to the negligence of others.
Please call us today to find out how our attorneys can help you.
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