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Telephone Policy
ommunication between Western Wake Law Group and our clients is essential. Much of our contact will be by telephone. Western Wake Law Group’s phone policy has been implemented to enable us to continue providing the high quality of legal services for which Western Wake Law Group is well known for by providing an efficient timesaving procedure for the making and returning of phone calls.
It is very important to Western Wake Law Group that we maintain prompt and productive communications with you. We also strive to minimize frustrations of "telephone tag" or lost time on your part in waiting on a return call.
Telephone Conferencing Hours: Western Wake Law Group maintains regular office hours from 8:00a.m. - 5:00p.m., Monday through Friday. Please remember, at times we will not be available during our regular office hours because we may be in a client conference, a real estate closing, a will conference or will signing ceremony, at a court appearance or handling other client-related matters. However, often, we are available to take your call before or after these hours as often times we arrive much earlier than 8am and some may stay much later than 5pm. However even though we may be here, as a general rule, like you, we value our time with family and friends and kindly request that calls which require an immediate response be placed to us during the times stated above.
Phone Extensions: After dialing our main office number of 919.677.9900, to reach or leave a message for the
  1. Front Desk Station (this includes administrative assistants and law clerks), press ext. 100
  2. Paralegals, press ext. 106
  3. Attorneys, press ext. 102 or ext. 105
  4. Finally, if you desire to leave a confidential message in our General Voicemail box, please do so by pressing 3, when instructed to do so.
When dialing our main office number, you may press your desired extension once the greeting begins or at any time during the greeting. Our main greeting includes, among other things, a company directory, our e-fax numbers, physical address, website address and directions to our office. Note, some members of our staff have small children and choose to work part-time, however, rest assured if you leave a phone message or e-mail with them at a time they are not at work, another member of our staff will be monitoring their phone messages and e-mail inbox. Furthermore, all phone messages you leave are e-mailed directly to the intended recipient inbox. Similarly, all phone messages and e-mails left for an attorney (only) are immediately routed to their cell phone. Being responsive to our clients and their needs is very important to us at Western Wake Law Group.
Preparing for Conferences: Before calling, please prepare a written list of those matters you wish to discuss with us. If our attorneys, paralegals or administrative assistants are not available when you call, please leave your name, number and the time you called and we will return your call thereby saving us both valuable time. Please note only attorneys can give legal advice. Those at Western Wake Law Group who are not attorneys do not give legal advice and should not be asked to do so.
Note-taking Supplies: Please have pen and paper available before calling to make any appropriate notes during our telephone conferences. You will then have a convenient reference source of our conversation and of important dates, advice, or instructions that may have been given to you.
Emergencies: If your call is urgent, please explain what the emergency involves to the person answering your call. An attorney or paralegal will return your call as soon as possible.
Your Telephone Number: It would be appreciated if you would let us know if we may call you (and at what numbers) during evening hours or on the weekend when avoidable circumstances do not allow us to return your call during our telephone conference hours described above or when we may need to contact you on an expedited basis.
Ensuring Clear Communications: During our conversations, please ask for any clarification you may need so that we do not end a conference with your questions unanswered.
Improving Our Telephone Conferencing: Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how we can improve our telephone policy (positive feedback is always welcome, also!).
Our Appreciation! Your cooperation and assistance plays a critical role in the success of our attorney/client relationship and in reaping the timesaving and efficient benefits offered by Western Wake Law Group's telephone policy. We value your having entrusted us to represent you and intend to provide you with the high and excellent quality of services that you have come to expect and deserve from Western Wake Law Group. Thank you again for having given us the opportunity to be of service.
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